Vintage tin Car Fiesta 1.1 Ghia made in Spain PAYA 1970's Rallye Ford oruisv2485-1970-Now

Come Meet Young Musicians

Caitie takes us to Parkdale Public School in Toronto where over 200 kids get to learn musical instruments in their after school program. Monopoly Game of Thrones, Fast Dealing Property Trading Board GameLearn all about instruments with Caitie and all of the great students at Parkdale!

Vintage Rallye tin Car Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ghia made in Spain PAYA 1970's
How To Teach My Teddy Bear

“My Teddy Bear” is a very sweet and simple kids song that’s great for teaching parts of the body to your preschoolers, kindergarteners,Don Quixote Deluxe Set 3 Games Domino + Dice Cup + 2 Poker Cards Don Quijote ESL/EFL learners, young homeschoolers, or any young children! Join Caitie as she introduces the song, shows you how to lead your classroom, and provides some great activity ideas to extend on the... Read more »

GW WHF Orcs & Goblins Metal Night Goblin Fanatics Collection NM

Today in the classroom, we’re celebrating our favorite things! It’s also our 50th episode! 🎉1 56 28mm Ancient WAB DPS painted Gallic Singers GH1013🎉🎉 And this will be our last episode before we break for the summer so we hope you’ll join us!

A Spectacular Adventure on “S” Island

Ahoy, mateys! Join Captain Seasalt and his ABC Pirates crew as they go on a sensational adventure on S Island! With the help of their trusty map and some sweet animal friends, the shipmates follow clues that begin with the Letter S! What treasure do they discover? Watch and see! Arrrr!